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Welcome and thank you for visiting my online resume. Let me give you a synopsis of my engineering history. 

Aerospace engineer with a strong history of completing difficult design, certification and testing projects efficiently. Experienced at interpreting Federal Aviation Administration regulations and Military Flight Requirements and developing certification plans with all necessary design, analysis and test requirements to fulfill regulatory obligations. 

LabVIEW developer of complex data acquisition and control software used to run

electro-mechanical systems including turbine test applications while collecting high

accuracy and high frequency data. Data analysis expertise using DIAdem and Excel

to process test data and develop practical results. 

Engineering process and full design life cycle (concept to testing and characterization)

experience for research and design applications. Skilled communicator: fluent in

presenting certification strategy, complex design concepts, analysis methods and

compliance information. Mechanical aptitude for electro-mechanical systems with an

affinity for learning new software and skills. 

Proficient in the use of engineering tools such as MATLAB, LabVIEW, Excel and

CAITA V5 and at using Microsoft Office Suite including Word, PowerPoint, Outlook,

Project for report preparation and task organization.

Specialties: Aircraft Certification, USAF MIL-HDBK-516 Certification, CATIA V5,

Concept Development, Customer Communication, Prototype Testing, LabVIEW,

MATLAB, Data Acquisition, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint,

14 CFR Part 29, Technical Report Writing, Mechanical Design, Aerodynamics

For more information, please reach out at

Aircraft Certification

Airworthiness Certification

Project Planning

Foriegn Military Sales Certification

Data Acquisition

Research & Development

Test Equipment Design​

Areas of Expertise

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