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Other Projects

Optimum Vortex Generator Placement    
January 2010 – May 2010
-  Researched vortex generator sizing and placement at low Reynold’s numbers.
-  Designed and tested a reconfigurable wing and airfoil using splitter plates
        and a sting balance.
-  Determined the effect on lift, drag, and moment coefficients, and the lift curve slope.
-  Research concluded placement within a leading edge separation bubble hinders
        the effect of vortex generators.

Cut-out Delta Wing Design     
August 2009 - December 2009
-  Researched the effect of a large midwing cutout in the center of the delta wing.
-  Manufactured steel delta wings and aluminum equipment adapters.
-  Performed force balance testing to determine the effect of the cutout.
-  Aerodynamic data analysis determined the cutout resulted in an
        increased lift coefficient and a decreased drag coefficient
        when compared to a standard delta wing.

Kingfisher Landing Gear Design
August 2010 to December 2010
-  Designed a retractable landing gear to CFR 14 Part 23 guidelines.
-  Developed load predictions to determine landing gear shock
       absorber and tire sizing.
-  Determined the location of the landing gear to ensure
       stable ground operations.

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